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Exsilium Application

Player NAME: Sol
Current AGE: 25
Personal JOURNAL: [personal profile] solacion 
IM & SERVICE: AIM: solacion
Player PLURK: n/a
Current CHARACTERS: Henry Sturges (AL:VH), Talbot (Uncharted)

Character NAME: Diego Armando (also "Godot")
Canon & MEDIUM: Ace Attorney (Video game)
Canon PULL-POINT: The very end of Trials & Tribulations, after he's been arrested.
Character AGE: 33
Character ABILITIES: Diego doesn't have abilities anyone would classify as "superhuman", though he does suffer from damage to his central nervous system that's caused him to go blind. He wears a special mask to restore some of his sight. Apparently he's also got a talent for impersonations.
Character HISTORY: Godot's entry on the Ace Attorney wiki.

Diego is everything a good attorney should be. He's a smooth talker, he's sinfully charismatic and an ice man under pressure (where most of the antagonists in the game are easily fazed by the player getting the upper hand, he's almost always cool and collected), and he knows how to squeeze the truth out of even the most carefully constructed lies. At one time, he also believed in the inherent good of people, as he is the one who instilled in his student Mia the importance of trusting in one's client, but his worldview has become much more jaded since he came out of a five-year coma to find every last thing he cared about well beyond his reach. He became a prosecutor, for instance,  to seek revenge, and a prosecutor's role is inextricably tied to his ability to doubt people.

There were only two reasons he saw to continue living at this point: to protect the late Mia's younger sister and to punish Phoenix Wright for failing to prevent her death. He treats Wright with disdain for most of their acquaintance, blaming him for the tragedy and determined to break him in the courtroom. By the end of his short-lived prosecuting career, he realizes Mia's spirit lives on in her student and he accepts that all his anger toward Wright is simply a reflection of his unwillingness to forgive himself--for not seeing through Dahlia Hawthorne's scheme to poison him and for being asleep when Mia needed him most.

Diego has a few distinctive verbal habits that include using the phrase "That's one of my rules" or "That's what I always say" and metaphors revolving around coffee, the latter of which rarely seem to make sense to anyone but him. Black coffee is an obsession of his, in fact. He mixes his own special blends and may drink as many as fifty cups in a day despite his health problems.

He's a chauvinist as well and tends to slap patronizing nicknames ("kitten", "filly") on every woman he meets. He has a pretty narrow view of what an ideal girl should be like. Upon meeting Franziska von Karma, he's not shy about letting her know he hates women "like her" and essentially tells her to get back to the kitchen. That said, there are women who have earned his sincere respect, and he's treated them with surprising dignity and devotion. After Mia's impressive performance in her first case, he drops the nickname and calls her "Mia" almost instantly, for example. He's also clearly able to form a powerful enough bond with her that getting revenge and resolution for her murder becomes a driving motivation for him in coming out of his coma.

Though charming when he means to be, Diego isn't very good with most deeper interpersonal relationships. This is apparent in how coldly he reacts to Maya's concern about hiding his identity as the true killer in the game's final case, even when his actions (he commits the murder to protect her from the victim) suggest he does care about her. This, coupled with his arrogance and newly pessimistic outlook, will mean working through issues with friends and former enemies should be a considerable challenge for him. It's unlikely he'll get along with many of his castmates.

Chosen WEAPON: A shikomizue (sword cane). It's not likely to see too much practical use.
Chosen SKILLSET: Though he could probably handle himself against another non-powered human with no combat training, Diego would prefer to stick to verbal swordplay.


[The video feed is live, but the lighting is terrible. The tablet's owner sits in the dark, three stripes of red light where his face should be. Diego's spent much of his initial week in this place in the solitude of his room, an ear tuned to the chatter streaming over the network.

Best to test the temperature lest you burn your tongue on the first sip. That's what he always says.

His voice is gruff, drawling:]


[The red light flashes when it's momentarily obscured by the handle of a mug as Diego puts it to his lips.]

The transmissions on this network are one cup of bitterness after the other. It's almost enough to make a man turn to café au lait.


To be honest, Diego hadn't fully and seriously considered the possibility Mia wouldn't show up for work the morning after her first case. He knew his people - in nuances of dark, light, bitter and sweet - as well as he knew his custom brews, and this woman wasn't of the blend that threw in the towel when things got hot.

He'd been in early, drafting up some paperwork from the Fawles fiasco fallout in his office beside the kitchenette. With the door cracked just a hair, he'd be privy to anyone entering the suite.

"That you, Kitten?" he called out, without any consideration for the volume of his voice as he sat back in his chair. Evidently he wasn't too concerned about the possibility of waking the snoozing Grossberg. That mountain of a man could sleep through an earthquake.